today is irriation

So today I did not want to get up.  I had to because there was someone coming to do  a quote on the furnance.  Then there was someone to fix the fridge.  So a big chunk of my day was due to that.  I did some house chores, talked to my mother in law on the phone for awhile.  I went to get gas and the grocery store.  But this feeling of irriation snuck up and I wanted to cry.  Sigh.  So now I have that low.  I had three days of no cycling and my dr. said my levels for lithium are where he wants them , just did bloodwork on monday.  Also, have been sick with this lingering stuff of a chest infection that has left me feeling tired.  I really do not have enough to do because I have suffered with mental illness for so long, I do not have a job, so I am just home.  My doctor says I am not ready for volunteering .  So I can do all sorts of cleaning , errands, goto any appointments or the pharmacy, try to read , and watch movies but all that gets old.  It gets old to goto the library to just sit and hang out, same goes to going to stores to just walk around, or sitting at starbucks just to get out of the house.  Either I have cycled to a low or I am just lonely and bored.  Which is it?

Anyone out there Bipolar and taking Lithium can share their experience of getting even?


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