drop in center

It occurred to me that there is not a drop in center in my area that is open more than three hours a night on select weekdays.  Wouldn’t it be nice where people could go when in recovery, cannot work yet, but somewhere to go during the day where there are a variety of activities and intellectual at that ?  It could be open from 9-5pm on weekdays.  No more sitting at starbucks alone, no more wandering the mall alone, no more sitting at the library reading magazines for the 300th time.  No more trying to figure out something to do that you have not already done a millions times.  The best part of this drop in center it would give structure and it would give socialization daily with people who are alike.  I know it would help me a ton!  You are not stuck at home and only doing chores or errands.  Why is this type of program not in existence?


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