What is that feeling?

That feeling of you know that you need to give structure like volunteering.   I have a phone interview for a place but loathe actually following through with it.  I need more to do with my day and am bored but am not interested in volunteering?  I am coming out of a bad depression that went on since November.   It infuriates me that I have these conflicting feelings of wanting to do more but the motivation is not there?  Seems like when I drink coffee , I feel confident and ready to do new things.  Of course when it wears off, I feel the crash and feel sad.  Anyone else go through this?


5 thoughts on “What is that feeling?

  1. All the time. I don’t know how many mornings that I have all these ideas of things to do that somehow always crash and burn. Then sometime later in the day I’ll think, “weren’t you going to do this or that? What happen to that idea?”

    I blame it on the meds.

    It’s tough following through on ideas. Hope your day gets better.

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