my therapy appt.

I went in yesterday evening and told my therapist of all my symptoms .  I suspected they are all due to depression but I wanted validation.  The feeling of dread of the next day or of work.  The feeling of dread of starting my two classes soon.  The feeling of signing up for volunteer work, getting as far as training but have yet to volunteer.  For some reason, I just do not care to do it even though it is for a cause I love.  The problem with getting ready for the day in the morning, where emotionally it takes me a long time to do it.  She said it is all signs of depression.  She noticed that my affect changes completely,  when we start having a conversation about the news or stuff like that.  She said once I am engaged in something, it is good for me and a good distraction.  She did say the job I was doing for substitute teaching is a crap job.  She suggested to do things that involve engaging conversation.  Okkkkkk, just trying to figure out what that is and fighting lack of motivation.  She begged me to not drop out of my classes, she is sure I will do well and it will help with my depression.  Their online and in the past I have done well.  The problem is when I am home alone and stuck in my head, I feel worse.  There are definitely things I do enjoy but still battling this annoying illness.


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