This morning has been rather sucky.  Crying, husband is on the couch watching some sort of basketball thing.  We are going hiking tomorrow, that is good.  I feel irriated, agitated, and sad.  There is a repair person coming between 1 and 3.  Things feel pointless.  I am doing two classes online and too upset to work on them much.  So sick of feeling this way, it hurts.  Just wanted to put that out there to anyone who cares to read. 


7 thoughts on “Sucks

  1. KNow that you are not alone. What you are experiencing won’t last forever. It might seem like forever because it may go on a long time, but it will end. And there will be peace. I just came through a long episdoe myself and it was annoying., I didn’t feel like engaging in anything. I had no appetite (still don’t) and I slept all day long. But it did end. And I am now able to contribute to my enviroment. Just wait for it. And when it comes, lift your heart to the skies and rejoice!!!


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