This morning,  my thoughts and obsessions became too much and I felt like I could not deal.  So I ate, fed the cats and fish, had coffe.  Decided to engross my mind in cnn.  I need a whole 24 hours to not think of ruminations or depressive episodes.  Have little interest in going to a job fair or work on my classes.  Depression seems to just over rule.  I need an outlet that actually works to take me out of my head other than movies or phone conversations.  Feels like not a lot works.


5 thoughts on “Today 

  1. I’m sorry to hear you are struggling. I hope today is a better day for you.
    I struggle with deep depression myself like, in bed for months, and I’ve learned many techniques over the years, some work for me others don’t. I just kept trying until I found something that worked for me. It’s been over 2 years since I have been extremely depressed! Huge for me.
    I wrote a post “5 ways to manage your emotional triggers & help identifying them” here is the link ( ) I’m on my tablet so I can’t attach a link. Only can do that on my laptop. Sorry.
    Anyway, I do hope the post & articles are helpful. I share some of my coping strategies too. And I especially hope you’re doing better.
    Take care💕

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  2. I just posted a long comment, I pressed send and it disappeared:(
    Anyway, I feel your pain. I used to get so depressed I would stay in bed for months. I didn’t even want help. I felt I wasn’t worth it. But I was wrong. I started looking for ways that would help me. And I found some! I haven’t been severely depresed in over 2 years. I want to encourage you and tell you it does get better. In order for that to happen we need to push ourselves to learn how to keep ourselves well & how to overcome what we’re going through. Our thoughts control us but, we can learn to control our thoughts. Train our thoughts.
    Check out my blog about 5 Steps for Managing Your Emotional Triggers. Here is the link I hope that’s the right link, if not you can go to my home page and it’s the first article post.
    I hope you are doing better today.
    Take care💕

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  3. I don’t know very much about OCD. But i know its difficult. It’s very hard for me with my thoughts too. I put alot of work into turning them around. Some days i feel totally worthless and feel like everyone would be better off without me and I contemplate suicide. But now with consistent practice i dont have to stay there in that place.
    I hope you can find some relief one day. My heart goes out to you. I wish you all the best.
    Glad to hear today was better😊
    Take care💕

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