Does anyone smoke weed and take meds?  Has your psychiatrist recommended this?  Just curious.


6 thoughts on “Weed

  1. Hello,
    I am surprised that others haven’t commented on this post. I know a lot of us use pot for a multitude of issues. I smoke daily. It helps with my anxiety and helps me to fall asleep, My shrink, however, greatly disapproves and lists one of my ICD 10 codes as – cannabis dependence. I asked him once for a prescription for medical MJ since Maryland recently legalized it. He wouldn’t. He really doesn’t understand how much it helps me.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog today. Doc

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      1. I think most psychiatrists haven’t taken the time to learn about medical marijuana, so they just automatically say no. They need to keep up. Dr. Laura on bipolarforlife posted some valuable info about accessing MM on my blog today.

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  2. I smoke it several times a week and it helps me with anxiety. I tend to obsess and I can’t get out of my head with negative thoughts. Pot helps me relax and not think about all that serious stuff that was worrying me all day. My Dr doesn’t have a problem with it, but she did mention that some of her patients have negative experiences with it when they’re depressed. Like it makes their depression worse. I smoke it more when I’m anxious.

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