Fed up

Been having an irritable, crying , sad mood.  I know that I am tired of not having enough to do, but feel flat and apathtic about doing more.  It is worse when you dont have anyone to talk to to just listen.  Been trying to do home projects but have to walk away from them and come back.  This episode is hard and I have no inclination to leave the house.   Overall, tired of the loss of interest in volunteering or work.  It does not seem to come back.  Fed up.


4 thoughts on “Fed up

  1. I wish I could say, “this too shall pass”, but I don’t know how or when. These “funks” have a mind of their own, a will of their own.

    I have been struggling with boredom, dystopia, and just a general dullness of life. Every now and again a manic episode (ever so brief) comes along and breaks the monotony, but for the most part I am miserable. I have to wait four more months before I will be seen by a psydoc. Until then, it’s crap-du-jour. You are not alone.

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      1. I can fully relate to that Iam. But isn’t it great that we have a technology in this day and age that allows us to reach out and seek input from others, many times like-minded individuals.

        We are so blessed. And yet, there is still a long way to go. Wishing you peace and calm. May the winds blow at your back and the road rise to meet you.

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