How do I conquer this

For some time now, the things I can do like subbing and volunteer work , I have no interest in. So here I sit bored. I am sure it is depression but for however long this has been going on, I wake up, eat, and lose myself in hbo series to forget feeling like nothing is going for me. I do have good moments or days like when I get to socialize with people or do fun things with my husband, or having fun conversations with family on the phone. Anyways, anyone have the same problem and how they conquered it?


6 thoughts on “How do I conquer this

  1. I have been living with this for months. I have not been blessed with a way out – other than just waiting it out. HOWEVER, you might try taking some Vitamin B12 and see what that does for you. It lifted my spirits just a bit, but I did not take a whole lot of B12. I am going to try again today.

    I get so disinterested that I don’t even want to watch HBO shows or any tv and I just sit and stare at the walls while music plays in the background. My wife does not understand. But she has been with me through this for the last ten years and she still doesn’t understand. In light of this, I feel more alone now than before.

    Good luck to you “person who knows” – it isn’t a fun journey.


      1. I just re-read my comment and I thought, “my what a depressing ;outlook”. I guess there’s no way to hide it. But, I did try the Vitamin B12 again today and am having better results.

        It’s good that you have friends to pal around with and be fun with. That makes a world of difference. Good luck to you, person.

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