A positive update

I have had three appointments where my doctor and I have been doing med changes.  Currently I am taking Lithium, Anafrinal, Lamictal, plus klonopin and trazadone for sleep.  We tried taking away the Lamictal because we thought it was not working, but that made me depressed and strange feeling.  Once I got back on it, I was fine.  I am so glad to be on Anafrinal, it tames my OCD which caused distress with the ruminations.  I feel like I am myself again and actually clear head; I did not know what that was  like before.  This upset in  my mental health started in November and ended in July.  I cannot believe I went through mania, severe depression, and relentless OCD.  I feel like I have survived war.  It is the longest upset I have ever had in my mental health.  Fingers crossed it lasts.  I have done an interview for my ideal job but did not get it.  At the time, it felt like my world was ending, but today I do not view it that way.  My posts about my journey will tell you just how bad I was.  Overall, I am thankful for getting well again.


3 thoughts on “A positive update

  1. jim

    Good on you. Depression is hell on earth. I had been taking valdoxan and lamictal with the odd seroquel for a few years and was basically unstable but not too bad (apart from the three or four hospializations). However I could feel myself slipping into the abyss again maybe 6 months ago so the doctor put me on lithium too. I’m now apparently at the therapeutic dose and feel the best I have done in years. Unfortunately work is out of the question for me for the longterm but I am forcing myself to learn stuff – at the moment coding and Dutch. Why not! The job will come for you in time. Hope you keep well.

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      1. jim

        I hear you. believe me. I’m not going to offer any advice because I never listen to anyone else’s. Everyone with depression is unique. I hope you feel better soon.

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