My job search

Well.  Not sure if I wrote about this before but I did not get the job I really wanted as a paraeducator.  I asked via email if there was any constructive criticism she could give me which she replied she had none.  She also said that the school system has a rule to hire first internal candidates before external.  Ok, why bring in anyone who is external then?  Took awhile to get over because it was my perfect scenario job that would work around my two classes.  Recently , I interviewed for a vibrant living assistant at a senior home.  The job description says you would organize events for the residents, get to know them, run the events, some clerical stuff, and make the newsletter.  There is more, but I do not remember it all now.   What I like about this job is it is helping people, with multiple duties to keep me busy.  The interview was a group interview, there were six other people and one company employee.  It was easy.  Apparently, multiple positions were up for grabs. The woman made it a point to tell me on the way out that she is giving my info to whoever would oversea me and it would be a couple of days.  Last time I heard a couple of days, it was three weeks.

Other than that, the med changes have done a lot of good.  I am not having problems with OCD, bipolar, or depression.  It feels very good  to just sit and be.


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