Did not get the job

Had an interview on Friday to be a living assistant in a senior home.  Basically I would get to know the residents and their likes.  From there, I would creates events based on their likes.  Set up, tear down of those events.  Also driving the residents to group events or errands.  Creating the newsletter and other clerical duties.  It was a group interview that I felt went  very well.  I wanted this job.  This morning, I get an email saying I did not move on to the next level.  Of course I became sad/depressed that it feels like I cannot break back into the world of work.  It was late june that I started looking due to my disdorders  under control.  Tomorrow is August, I wanted to have a job before my classes started up.  There is only so much I can do in a job search, there is the employer that has to accept you, which of course I cannot say hire me.  Therefore that other half feels out of my control.  Has anyone had these challenges of returning to work after months of mental health problems?


P.S.  Coffee helps


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